If you don’t measure it, it can’t grow

Atollon automatically collects and processes data based on your company’s specific needs. The system analyzes your cost/revenue structure so you can pinpoint weak points, areas with low profits and those running at a loss.

A customizable solution you can start using within days

Atollon is ideal for companies that want to work with well-sorted information accessible in an environment reflecting their particular needs. We typically help companies manage and automate a wide spectrum of processes throughout the project, from initial communication with the client to the project phase itself and on through invoicing and evaluating performance after everything is up and running.

Construction firms

Bulky file folders and handwritten notes belong in the archive. Atollon gives you all the information on your projects in one place, no matter what phase they are in. Once in place, Atollon will see you through the preparation phase,...

HR agencies

No more unwieldy tables and time-consuming search for job candidates. Atollon lets you find out in seconds whether a candidate is in your database and whether your information on them is up-to-date. Then you just click once to create a new...

Accounting firms

Delivering and processing documents on time is the cornerstone of every good relationship between an accounting firm and its clients. With Atollon all tasks, documents and emails are easy to find and both sides always know exactly what...

Case Studies

How we increased the effectiveness of an HR agency by 15%

At mBlue, we united all the departments by our system. Atollon allows them to focus on clients’ and candidates’ needs – and achieve maximum productivity.

How we connected processes and saved costs in large pilot school

CATC (Czech Aviation Training Centre) is reputable institution with challenging requirements for software solutions. By implementing Atollon, they saved costs, eliminated administration and brought together teams to satisfaction of their clients.